Let's Get Social...ly Distant

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Amazon’s first Kindle and the very earliest Netflix streaming platform both launched in 2007. Apple’s FaceTime wasn’t available on the iPhone or Mac until 2010. Had a global pandemic of the same magnitude as COVID-19 reached the United States ten or fifteen years ago, we all would have been arguing over Blockbuster DVD’s, shopping trips to Borders Bookstore, and who can use the desktop computer to Skype with their friends. While nobody expects or looks forward to being socially isolated for weeks at a time, we have never had a better opportunity than in 2020 to connect with our communities, pick up new hobbies, learn new things, or just enjoy time with friends and family, all from the comfort of our couch.

Combine the digital access we enjoy now with social isolation, and you have the perfect storm for social media platforms to be flooded by users. Considering the crisis we’re facing collectively with this overwhelming digital traffic, it’s never been more important for a brand to connect with and entertain its community. 

I was excited to have the support of the Sugarbush team when I explained I thought this was a time to be louder, not quieter. There’s no doubt the last few weeks have been a whirlwind, leaving many brands and mountains quiet online in hopes to avoid insensitive content, or negative feedback stemming from the abrupt close of the season. In a flurry of emails and conference calls, we threw together (and continue to add to) a list of ideas we thought would be fun or important to share with the Sugarbush faithful. Some were a bit out there, but everything was rooted in two things: let’s do our best get through this, and let’s get through this together.

We are absolutely confident that we will weather-the-storm, and that things will return to normal again. But while everyone is frustrated and disappointed about missing the spring ski season, the best people to hear from are the guests themselves. So the first thing we started working on was a campaign to share our follower’s memories. We want people to realize that spending time in Vermont and skiing or riding at Sugarbush is bigger than just sliding on snow. We truly connect one of the proudest and most unique Vermont communities with the rest of New England, and that doesn’t end just because the lifts stopped spinning a couple of weeks early. 

In the next few weeks, we hope you check out our social channels for a few minutes of respite. We might not be able to get you to the top of Lincoln Peak at this moment in time, but we sure-as-shootin’ still care about our guests whether you’re in Valley or just checking in on Facebook. Let’s do our best to take advantage of this time, or work to find a few enjoyable minutes while we’re all cooped up. If you’re interested in sharing some of your favorite memories, being featured on Sugarbush pages, and the chance to win some gear and swag, please send your story of a memory with a picture to our Instagram account @sugarbush_resort or Sugarbush Resort on Facebook.