Rock and Rolls

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The 2019 spring has been a wet one, to say the least. This has caused many of my fellow two-wheeled enthusiasts a bit of stress as they watch the rain keep soaking the north east. With that said, the trail crews have been hard at work both on the local trail systems and up on the mountain and their hard work is paying off! Now that the sun has emerged and the rain has started to taper off, we finally get to go ride! If you see the trail crew out working, make sure to thank them for the time they put in while fighting clouds of rain and black flies.   

This year Sugarbush purchased a Mini Excavator with a power tilt bucket, which eases the process to building berms, jumps and more. Thanks to that new piece of equipment, the Sugarbush Trail Crew has just finished construction on a beginner friendly XC trail called the Lollipop Loop. Now they’re using this machine up on the hill and starting to build fast, flowy trails.

Since the sun has finally come out and you know where to come ride it’s time to assess your steed, aka, your bike. It’s probably at this point that you realize it could use a little work. Come on up to the Farmhouse Bike Shop to get your bike tuned up and take one of our rentals out for the day. Jump on a big bike and explore the mountain with our Scott Gamblers and Voltages or take a Scott Genius trail bike out for a couple days and rip around the vast Mad River Riders trail network in the Valley. It may be tough to go back to your bike after throwing a leg over one of these two finely tuned machines. If you are looking for a little help up the mountain with little sacrifice on the way down come check out one of our E-Genius trail bikes. Similar to the 6” travel Genius trail bikes these electric mountain bikes have a pedal assist that gives you a little extra power in your pedal to crank out laps. Come try out an E-bike on our approved trails by yourself, with friends or with one of our guides.

Whatever two wheeled adventure you choose to embark on this summer you can come find it at Sugarbush. I’ll see you on the trails!

Jake Kenealy