Reflecting on a Great Winter

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We made it! This weekend marks the final two days of skiing and riding for the 2018/19 winter season. It's not too late for a few more turns and you can enjoy the Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby celebrations happening over the weekend, including a "Wear Your Favorite 70s Skiwear" theme on Sunday. The best costumes could be in the next Sugarbush Magazine!

But when it’s all said and done, we’ll have been open for 166 days, four days longer than last season and easily one of the longest in the country. While our 240” of snowfall was slightly lower than average (by only 10”), the conditions and snowpack were incredible all season long. Those early storms, followed by rain, really helped solidify a base that stuck around well into April.

What might be even more amazing was the fact that, generally speaking, conditions were good for every holiday period: Christmas, MLK, and Presidents’ Week. I’ve been with the resort since 2011, and I can’t remember a time we didn’t have some sort of tricky weather event for at least one holiday. Remember the subzero temps last Christmas? The rain filled Presidents’ Week? Or the 70 degree late December from a few seasons ago? Rather this winter we avoided most of that and enjoyed one of the best MLK storms in recent memory.

It wasn’t just the conditions that made this a great season - we had some truly memorable events, 60th Anniversary themed or otherwise. And it started strong. Think about The Big Kicker for those of you who went. We saw some magical snowfall that evening (my daughter’s first snowstorm!) and plenty of fun times. The below photo I use for my blog post head shot is from that night. Here's the full photo...and I promise my daughter enjoyed herself outside of this pose!

Some of my other personal highlights definitely included The Grift’s 60 Years of Sugarbush Music Series, The Moth StorySLAM, Sloshwicking, and Pond Skimming. Our baby also really enjoyed the sled dogs over the holidays.

But my favorite event was probably Wall of Fame Weekend. The stories we heard Friday night from a number of you, as well as the actual ceremony on Saturday, were funny, heartwarming, and enjoyable from start to finish. It’s so great to celebrate not only some of the important members of our history, but also those are currently making Sugarbush what it is today. I look forward to seeing more nominations next year and in the years to come.

I also really enjoyed working on the 60 Years of Sugarbush video series alongside Alan Hurwitz. So far we’ve put out five episodes, with a sixth episode planned this month. We’ve received great feedback on the series, and I really appreciate all the compliments and input. It keeps us going!

Here’s the thing though: these anniversary celebrations aren’t over yet. The golf course opens this weekend, mountain activities are only a month and half away, and we’re still planning to celebrate our 60th Anniversary through July 4th.

As I asked in the winter, if anyone has fun summer stories or anecdotes dating back over the last 60 years, I’d love to hear them and potentially include them in a blog post. I look forward to hearing from you.

See you on the mountain!
John Bleh
Public Relations Manager