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Having a lot of options is usually a good thing, but with more options come more decisions. As you know by now, Sugarbush joined the Alterra Mountain Company family, which means that our season passes have changed a bit. We are excited to offer more options and benefits, but will admit that choosing the pass that is the right fit for you and your skiing/riding needs may get a bit confusing, and we are here to help!

When choosing the right pass for you, there are a lot of factors – your age, when you prefer to ski/ride, how often you ski/ride, and where you like to ski/ride. I know, that is a lot of factors right off the bat, but it’s all helpful information to keep in the back of your mind. Let’s dive in!

First thing’s first, all Ikon Pass and Sugarbush Local Pass options get you to Sugarbush… Phew! Some more good news is that both the Ikon Pass and the Ikon Base Pass give you unlimited skiing and riding here at the mountain, but there are more things to consider when choosing which of those passes you may want. The Ikon Pass gets you the most access and no blackout dates at 43 worldwide destinations and is also available for folks of any age. With this pass, you get unlimited days at 15 other destinations and up to 7 days at 27 others. So, if you’re someone that likes to ski whenever they want, including weekends and holidays, and gets some traveling in during the wintertime, the Ikon Pass is a good option. The Ikon Base Pass is available at a lower price, offers access to 41 destinations worldwide, and has blackout dates. With the Ikon Base Pass, you get unlimited days at 14 skiing destinations, and up to 5 days at 26 destinations. So, if you want to save a little bit of money and don’t feel the need to ski/ride on holiday weeks and weekends, the Ikon Base Pass is a good choice for you.

Moving on to Sugarbush Local Passes. Similar to last year, the Sugarbush Premium Pass and Value Pass are still available, but some guidelines and age brackets have changed. The Sugarbush Premium Pass is now only available for folks under the age of 29 and over the age of 79. We know this may sound strange, but for folks within the ages of 30 to 79, the best value for you truly is in the Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass. You still get unlimited skiing at Sugarbush while getting a ton of other benefits, from both Ikon and Sugarbush, tacked on. If you are unsure of your ability to travel to mountains other than Sugarbush, are 29 years of age and under or 80 years of age and older, the Sugarbush Premium Pass is a good option for you. Just a reminder, regardless of your age, the Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Passes are available at different rates depending on your age as well. If you’re looking for the best skiing value while planning to stick to just skiing/riding at Sugarbush, prefer to have the option to ski any day of the week and don’t mind restrictions on which mountain area at Sugarbush you can ski, the Sugarbush Value Pass is the perfect option for you. And of course, back by popular demand, the Boomer Pass is still available for those who are ages 65-89 and offers midweek, non-holiday skiing at both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen.

We know that there is a lot of information to unpack here, so if you are looking for a more concise layout of pass details, be sure to check out our Pass Guide. And to show our appreciation to our loyal community, all of the above pass options offer more pass holder benefits than ever before. The Ikon Benefits, Sugarbush Benefits, and recently added Expanded Benefits pages are great references to see what is included with different pass options.

While these are strange and challenging times, we are really looking forward to seeing you all at the mountain for another season full of winter adventure.