Our July 4th Float

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Ah, the Warren 4th of July Parade: a time of celebration, camaraderie, and a fair amount of political floats. It's a ton of fun for those of you who haven't been before, and for those of you that have you know that Sugarbush puts on a float every year. We've spanned a variety of themes in recent years, from Wizard of Oz to football to 60 years of history, but this year our theme is "Freedom to Explore". We thought that tied in nicely to Warren's overall parade theme this year: Symbols of Freedom.

So what's our float? We're not going to show you any photos, you'll have to come see for yourself, but essentially we're building a mobile mountain. We've cut out, painted, and built a mountain on top of a trailer pulled by a truck driven by none other than John Egan himself. The mountain structure represents your freedom to explore both our mountains and Slide Brook Basin in between. We'll have a soundtrack playing only songs with "freedom" as the overall theme, and we'll be handing out cookies, t-shirts, and flags.

Those participating in our float will be dressed up as all sorts of different "Sugarbush explorers", from golfers and mountain bikers to skiers and swimmers. Everyone is free to explore what we have to offer in their own way. It's what our mission statement of adventure and camaraderie are all about. 

We hope to see you down there. Otherwise, be on the lookout for photos.