Mountain Views - What I'm Looking Forward To This Season

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From Win:

First snows always get us stoked for winter. After a warm spell and fabulous foliage, the snows arrived here at Sugarbush from the base area up to the summit. Our new snow stake up at Heaven's Gate measured around 6" last Sunday morning, but reports from others skinning around the Valley had that total closer to 12". A few days later we saw another 5" followed by 8" late last week and another inch over the weekend.


From John:

As much as I love skiing, I have a hard time getting excited for the season until I get concrete evidence that winter is coming. The 20" of snow over the last week or so that's dropped on Sugarbush is exactly the type of thing I need. If you missed what it has looked like up here, take a look at our social media for some pretty cool photos. I find that every year photos of our first snowfall always rank among the best social media posts we make all year. People get more excited for a few inches in fall than they sometimes do for a foot of snow in March. The hype for ski season is real.

Once my excitement fire has been lit, I start thinking about all the other parts of a Sugarbush ski season I'm excited for, and I'd like to share that with you:

New Warren Miller Film: It doesn't necessarily have to be Warren Miller, but there's something about seeing a new ski film in the fall that gets me amped to go skiing. Maybe it's all those passionate people in the theater and on the screen. Sugarbush will be touring the northeast on the Warren Miller Tour premiering Here, Now, Everywhere for the next month. John Egan will even be at some of the shows, so take a look if we're headed to a theater near you.

First Rope Drops on Trails: There are a lot of trails I love skiing at Sugarbush, yet there's no better feeling than skiing a trail for the first time each season. Oh right, that's why I love that trail so much! Being one of the first people to ski a trail when it opens for the first time that winter is an even bigger treat. Think natural snow powder trails before they get covered in bumps.

Views of Lake Champlain from Mt. Ellen: Both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen have spectacular views from the summit, but I tip my cap to Mt. Ellen's views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. It's a great way to start or end your day.

Revamped Glen House: After I soak in the view, I plan on heading into the revamped Glen House - we're calling it Walt's at the Glen House after Glen Ellen's founder Walt Elliott - where you'll be able to have a drink at the new bar, grab a tasty grilled cheese, and dip it in the soup of the day. Now I'll have an even better excuse to take a break halfway down the hill!

Exploring the New Timbers Chef's Cuisine: For those of you who don't know, Patrick Garvin is our new Head Chef at Timbers. Patrick trained under previous chef Todd Dibkey for several years before taking over, so I'm excited to see how he adds his own flair to the cuisine. Want a broad sampling? Stop by Taste of Timbers on Monday, December 5th.

Mad Bus: One of the best benefits of the winter season is the public transportation. Whether you use it as a means to get to the mountain and avoid parking, or use it as the late bus on Saturday nights, it takes a lot of the hassle out of driving. And it's good for the environment. Since I live right on the bus route, I'm extra stoked.

Sunshine-Filled Cruisers on Snowball: Sugarbush has some of the best terrain in the east. Castlerock and some of the natural snow trails at both mountains make some great advanced runs, but sometimes all I want is a nice cruiser. When the sun's shining, look for me ripping turns down Snowball and Spring Fling, especially now that the Valley House Quad is full speed ahead.

Hopefully that helped to stoke the flames of excitement for you. What are you most looking forward to?

See you on the mountain,

John Bleh
Communications Supervisor