Mountain Views - How Successful are your New Years Resolutions

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From Win: 

Happy New Year to all! The holiday week here at Sugarbush was really a lot of fun. Conditions improved throughout the week and the number of skiers did, as well. In fact, we experienced the third busiest day ever on the Friday after the snow storm...

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From John: 
What's the most common question you hear around the New Year? If it's not what's your resolution?, then we may be living in different worlds. For the last few years I've talked about resolutions I have made for the rest of the ski season, but this year I want to focus on reviewing how many resolutions were actually completed. And not just mine.

I spent the holidays asking friends, family, and guests on the chairlift what their resolutions have been in the past, and if they succeeded in following through with them. If my college gym was any indicator, people follow through with their resolutions for about two weeks. Then, they return to hanging out on the couch and eating the sworn-off junk food.

I'll throw myself into the fire first: Here's a quick rundown of the resolutions I made last year: 

1. Snow dance 
2. Participate in Mt. Ellen Base Camp 
3. Tour Gadd Brook 
4. Visit the new Blue Stone Restaurant 
5. Compete in Stein's Challenge 
6. Visit Dino's new restaurant (now called Reks) 
7. Try Fit to be Thai'd 
8. Dine more at Timbers 
9. Stay better connected on social media 
10. Get fitted for a suit when I win an award for being in The Rumble. 

I'll be the first to admit, I'm surprised. I actually accomplished more than in years past. The only resolutions I didn't complete were Stein's Challenge (I was working it) and social media. Does getting fitted for a suit for my wedding over the summer count? I'll wear it when we win an Academy Award for The Rumble this year. That's the best I've ever done and probably ever will do. Let's see how some of you have fared.

Adam from Brooklyn told me he's just looking to get more ski days in this year than last year, and so far he's off to a great start. With just a couple more days of skiing, he'll pass his mark. Last year, though, he had a similar goal and didn't quite meet it. 

Grace from Boston told me her goal was to compete in one of the various Sugarbush competitions this year - Castlerock Extreme, Stein's Challenge, Pond Skimming, or something else. Hopefully, I'll be right alongside you, Grace! Last year, Grace's resolution was to travel out of the country, and she managed to take a great trip through Scotland full of castles, beer, and history.

Brian out of Burlington said his goal this past year was to buy a Sugarbush pass, after just buying day tickets for the last few years. He accomplished his goal and when I saw him on the chairlift he said he already had 14 days on the books. This year, he hopes to ski as many days as he can on that pass.

Abby, also from Boston, told me that after she failed last year's resolution of doing something outdoors every single day, she scaled back this year's resolution to just getting outside and having fun when she can. That's a goal we should all be able to support.

So, judging from my unscientific chairlift survey, it looks like we have all had varying degrees of success. The important thing with resolutions is to make them realistic and make them fun. 

This year I plan to ski at least 50 days. Might not seem like much for someone who lives and works at the mountain, but you'd be surprised how much time it takes to write these newsletters and film Rumbles!

May the rest of the ski season be as good as the beginning. 

See you on the mountain, 

John Bleh
Communications Supervisor