Mountain Views - Shaping Up for the Season

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From Win:

Many Baby Boomers like me have a “Peter Pan Complex”.  We never want to get old, and we actually believe that we may not . . . 

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From John:

Win and the Baby Boomers are taking care of themselves, and staying in shape. Skiing and riding is a form of exercise, but it’s important to be prepared as we head into the season. There are a number of ways to improve personal safety and fitness in preparation for a fun day on the hill.

This month, the SHaRC is offering a Ski and Ride Conditioning class and aYoga for Ski and Ride class to help prepare for the season, in addition to their regularly-scheduled calendar of classes that include Barre, Strength and Conditioning, Spin, and Interval Training.

Our Safety Environment Wellness (SEW) Committee has created a number of beneficial programs to keep employees healthy and active. In the past three years of the program, we’ve noticed employee injuries drop significantly. (We’ve also received the Governor’s Award each year.) But we still have more work to do. Have you noticed changes around the resort? Here are some of our recent programs, as well as what we’re planning this year:

2014/15: The Gate House Cafeteria started providing Better Choice Meals each day for guests and employees. Employees began a Shoveling Program to manage their own work areas and free up the facilities team for other tasks. We implemented a Liquid Waste Program for environmental disposal of liquids in our food and beverage outlets.

2015/16: Each employee completed a Personal Safety Plan, setting goals for improving their personal safety in the workplace. Employees also began recording their daily exercise on a 30-day Fitness Log, and were eligible for monthly prizes. 

2016/17: Our team was educated on the importance of proper Hydration (drink a minimum of 72 oz. of water daily) and given reusable water pouches to use at the resort’s new fill stations.

2017-2018: Employees have been given pedometers for the season and will track their steps for a Walk to the North Pole Challenge. This program encourages employees to get up and walk at work. The Bus 2 Move: Be Better on the Bus Commuter Challenge encourages employees (and guests!) to track and reduce their commuting mileage by using the Green Mountain Transit bus or carpooling. As a team, we’ll track our carbon emissions, and begin to set goals for reduction. 

Win also mentioned the Fit For Snow program we are introducing to three key departments this season to decrease on-snow injuries. This program offers tips on nutrition, hydration, fitness, and stability to prepare you for a day on the slopes.

These are a few ways we can prepare for and enjoy a safe and healthy ski season. The snowguns have been set and tested, and will be fired up as soon as temperatures drop. We are planning a Saturday, November 18th opening. Start your hamstring and quad stretches, tune up your diet to include complex carbohydrates and plenty of water, and we’ll see you on the mountain in a few weeks!

John Bleh
Communications Supervisor