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From Win:

August is the month when the arts take over the Valley, with events to enjoy each and every day. This year's Skinner Barn production - Oklahoma - has been getting rave reviews. And this Sunday, August 6th, we host Vermont Festival of the Arts' From the Ocean to the Mountains, an outdoor culinary celebration at Lincoln Peak that includes an afternoon scenic lift ride...


From John:

The Mad River Valley is a pretty eclectic area. It's likely part of the reason you call this place your home, your second home, or your favorite vacation spot. There's really no better time to witness the mix of working farmers, artists, and athletes than the month of August. 

Valley Arts, a non-profit dedicated to promoting participation in the arts, is in full force this month as the Valley's true, and sometimes lesser known, character comes out on display. It's time for August's Festival of the Arts.

Skiing or snowboarding - possibly the reason you discovered the Valley - is in itself an art form. And in summer, athletic art opportunities expand to include cycling, paddle boarding, kayaking, yoga, mountain biking, golf, and tennis.

The culinary arts also flourish in the summer, to include not just the local restaurants, taverns, and shops, but now the farms. Pie-eating contests and make-your-own-pizza classes at the Warren Store, blueberry picking at Knoll Farm, cooking classes at The Store, and Raw Bar Wednesdays at Rumble's Kitchen. There is art in the cheesemaking at Von Trapp's, and in the harvesting of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Have you watched one of our farmers hay their fields? The patterns that appear in the landscape are truly breathtaking.

And then there are the more traditional arts that you can enjoy throughout the Valley this month: The Big Red Barn Art Show, photography exhibits at the Inn at Round Barn Farm, watercolor classes at Moosewalk Studios, mosaic workshops, pottery making, and so much more. You don't have to be an artist to appreciate it, but it may surprise you to see just how much artistic talent is packed into this small community. I've recently started learning how to paint with my wife. And while my skills won't get me into any of these art exhibitions, I plan to attend a few to garner inspiration.

So before we turn our thoughts to our shared winter art form - skiing and riding - get out and enjoy some of the other artistic elements found around the Valley. A highly underrated gem is the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design, located right on Bridge Street. The museum boasts some impressive displays of items featuring well-designed objects like cars, toasters, and toys.

An early reminder that our next deadline for season passes at their lowest rates is September 13th, so don't forget to purchase for the best possible deal. 

See you on the mountain, 

John Bleh
Communications Supervisor