Mountain Views - Let's Call it Summer

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From Win:

Looking up on the mountain the other day, there was still a patch or two of snow on the upper mountain. However, those patches are now framed in green as the trees blossom, making our slopes look healthy and lush...

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From John:

Though technically the summer solstice this year isn't until June 21st, I feel like most people consider Memorial Day Weekend to be the unofficial start of summer. I personally consider summer to start when the pool at my condo association gets warm enough to dive into. It hit 70 degrees this week, so let's call it summer.

This month we host Brew-Grass Festival and Frendly Gathering, two of our biggest festivals of the year. Both offer plenty of good food, music, and libations - quite appropriate I might add, since all three are well-known in Vermont, especially the libations part.

Our Brew-Grass Festival on Saturday, June 9th is our first major summer event, so chalk another reason up for why summer's already started. The event is fairly unique in the sense that we serve only Vermont beers and ciders. Beers and ciders from 27 different breweries and cideries to be exact. And why wouldn't we? This state is packed with incredible beverages, and we're still ranked #1 in breweries per capita. Heady Topper ranks 2nd on Beer Advocate right now. I'd be lying if I didn't say that one of the things I'm most looking forward to in my life right now is the new Lawson's Brewery opening later this year in the Valley, and I'm about to be a first-time father.

Are you feeling unhealthy after all that beer talk? Let the outdoors balance you out - another Vermont strength. Our Summer Mountain Operations Opening Day is slated for Saturday, June 23rd. All of our mountain activities, outside of golf which is already open, will begin operating daily including mountain biking, zipline, bungee trampoline, disc golf, and scenic lift rides.

One of the exciting changes this summer is that our bike parks will be under the management of Trevor Borrelli, our Terrain Parks Manager in the winter, who is focused on rebuffing and reworking some trails this season with a long-term goal of trying to make our terrain more approachable to beginners and intermediates. Along with the plethora of ever-expanding mountain bike trails down in the Valley thanks to the Mad River Riders, this could be the year to become a gearhead. I just got a road bike, but a mountain bike is looking like my next big purchase. Are the beer drinkers still reading? Don't worry; you'll still be able to grab a cold one at Rumble's Kitchen anytime after any of these activities, as it will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by then.

Next month I'll help fill your stomachs with some food news and recommendations around the Valley and resort. For now, I hope to see many of you up here this month enjoying the beer or having fun on the hill. If our baby's due date is on time, I'll be off for a few weeks and back just in time for the 4th of July Celebration next month. The Warren Parade theme is "Happy birthday to U.S.". Well doesn't that fit in nicely with our 60th Anniversary planning...

See you on the mountain,

John Bleh
Public Relations Manager