Mountain Views - January

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From Win:

Happy New Year. We are really looking forward to 2016. While 2015 got off to a great start, the later part of the year was a disappointment. The ski season began on Thanksgiving Day and while we were able to remain open for skiing every day, December disappointed...

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From John: 

Just days before the New Year, we called in Murphy Moose to lead us in a record-breaking snow dance to break the December warm cycle. Boy did we ever. Thanks to that dance, and to all who participated, we received 20" of snow in the last week along with great snowmaking temps (just see what's coming).

Changing the weather cycle was our first New Year's resolution (or wish). Further resolutions come, but not before some reflection on how well I did (or did not do) with last year's resolutions. Let's review:

1. Ski Both Mountains on the Same Day
2. Explore a New Lunch Spot
3. Take a Spin Class at the SHaRC
4. Improve My Skiing
5. Sip a Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine
6. Have a Cabin Cat Adventure
7. Celebrate Chez Henri
8. Bring a Friend
9. Get First Chair and Last Chair
10. Get Social

I scored an eighty. I never managed to take a spin class, though I did complete a personal training regimen at the SHaRC (read all about it in the Sugarbush Magazine). I also failed at first and last chair on the same day.

On the chairlift earlier this week, I was reviewing my new resolutions, and realizing that many of them are food-related. But considering how many new changes we've seen in the local cuisine, I (think) I can justify it. So without further ado, my new top ten New Year's Resolutions:

1) Snow dance til we change the weather pattern (DONE)

2) Head to Mt. Ellen Base Camp on a Saturday night (debuting on Saturday, Jan. 9th) for a skin up the mountain with friends, followed by stone cooked pizza and a few beers.

3) Tour Gadd Brook, so I can knowledgably describe to my friends and family just how amazing the views are... just in case they are looking for a ski-in ski-out crash pad within steps of both Gate House Lift and Chez Henri.

4) Visit the new Blue Stone pizza place, currently under renovation in the former Ake's Den location on Rt. 100. (Their Waterbury location has been a favorite since it opened.)

5) Take on the Stein's Challenge, our new April spring-skiing event in honor of the late, great director of the Sugarbush Ski School.

6) Visit Dino's (of Mutha Stuffers fame) new restaurant, which will be opening where Pine Tree Pub used to be. Both the new restaurant and Mutha Stuffers are in the final stages of renovation, and I can't wait to get in there and try them.

7) Head to Fit To Be Thai'd, the new Thai restaurant in the Sugarbush Inn with great food reviews.

8) Dine more often at Timbers. Sweet Potato Empanadas. Coconut Chicken Satay. (And there are rumors of Sunday Brunch drink specials.) Yes, please.

9) Stay better connected on social media. (Don't forget that we're giving out prizes all season long for our favorite #SBDiscover posts on Instagram.)

10) Get fitted for a suit to wear to the Academy Awards, since I am pretty sure I am getting nominated for this year's episodes of The Rumble. Haven't seen it? Seriously? Take a look.

It's going to be a great 2016. See you on the mountain,

John Bleh
Communications Supervisor