Helping Employees Be Well Here

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What does it mean to be well? The answer is probably different for everyone. By definition, it is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal, but even the phrase “good health” can be difficult to pinpoint. This leads us to examine the idea that wellness is an actively pursued goal and something that we must continue to work towards. With this in mind, the SEW Committee here at Sugarbush (Safety, Environment, Wellness) seeks to provide various resources to make working towards that goal a reality for all Sugarbush employees. At a place like Sugarbush, it may seem like wellness should come naturally, and with opportunities to ski, ride, bike, golf, and more right here at work, there is some truth to that. However, the SEW Committee makes sure that we offer much more than that, so employees can pursue wellness however they see fit.

Our summer Lunch & Learn series is a strong example. Throughout the summer, employees are able to attend one-hour classes covering a wide variety of safety, environment, and wellness topics. Recent Lunch & Learns have covered things like financial wellness, Tai Chi, developing healthy habits, being an informed medical consumer, and first aid. By providing opportunities to learn about new things, we are actively encouraging mental wellness, which is an often overlooked component of being well.

The Sugarbush Health and Recreation Center is a great resource for employees. Complete with a weight room, indoor and outdoor pools, climbing gym, spinning room, saunas, and a range of fitness classes, there is something for everyone. Sugarbush provides employees with discounted membership to the rec center, and free access to fitness classes- even without a membership. Access to our knowledgeable instructors and their wide variety of classes makes physical wellness more attainable for those who may just be starting their fitness journey, and offers something to shake up the routine for the more experienced gym aficionados. 

What you eat matters just as much as what you do. Sugarbush offers healthy choice meals for employees while they are working. These designated meals are some of the healthiest items on the menu, and are available at 50% off.  In addition to being healthy, they’re pretty tasty too! During the winter months, these healthy choice options are complimented by our partnership with the Fit For Snow program, which provides education on how proper nutrition can help you to perform better and avoid injuries while skiing and riding.

The Sugarbush dog policy allows employees the privilege of bringing their dogs to work (if their job allows it). Studies have shown that involving pets in the workplace has a calming effect, lowering blood pressure and reducing overall stress. Including dogs in the workplace has even been shown to create more positive opportunities for employee interaction, making everyone happier and healthier.

Soon, we will be hosting SEW “recess” days, where employees have an opportunity to play a friendly game of kickball during their lunch break. This marks the latest iteration of a constantly growing field of wellness related initiatives created by the SEW Committee!