Don't Rush to Winter Yet

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Summer always seems to go so fast, maybe the saying does hold true “time fly’s when you’re having fun!” It has been a great summer for recreation at Sugarbush with lots of biking, hiking, kids camps, ball and disc golf. That’s not to mention the great food and drinks found in and around the newly enhanced based area. Some of us are ready for the temps to drop and the leaves to change colors and others could go a couple more months before even thinking about it. Regardless of your opinions, colder weather is eventually going to happen either way. However, it is my strong feeling that you shouldn’t rush these things as the fun is really about to ramp up.

Fall in Vermont is one of my favorite times: the weather is cooler, the bugs aren’t as bad, and there is usually a great display of color anywhere you look, not to mention the excitement that skiing and riding is fast approaching! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much… there is a ton of stuff to do before we even consider the first snow.

The mountain biking at and around Sugarbush is usually at its prime in the fall with cooler temps and tacky dirt. It’s great to go out on a trail ride and not have to keep moving to avoid the swarms of bugs or continually wipe the sweat from your brow due to the heat. If lift service is more your speed you can approach it with some finely tuned skills from riding all spring and summer. Maybe it’s time to try some of those bigger gaps that have been catching your eye earlier in the year.

If you are looking for a more relaxing day, Sugarbush has got you covered with a world class golf course featuring some of the most spectacular views. I remember playing the course for the first time years back and noticing all of the new vantage points of Lincoln peak and the surrounding mountains. It made the large number on my score card a little less concerning.

There are also 2 great disc golf courses on the mountain one at the top of super bravo and one in the base area. When I was new to disc golf I considered it hiking with a purpose and while it does fit into that description, it is an awesome activity with so much more to offer no matter your skill level. If you have not tried disc golf it might be time to start. The fall foliage makes it that much better. Check in at the Farmhouse for all your disc golf needs.

Summer is still in full swing but that does not mean you shouldn’t plan ahead and start thinking of what your days will look like once the leaves start to change. Whatever you decide, there is no better place to spend your seasons than around Sugarbush and the Mad River Valley. Hope to see you out there!