An Awesome SEW Day

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Every year all year-round staff get together for our annual SEW (Safety, Environment, Wellness) Day. This year we hosted the day on Wednesday, June 5th, put on by the SEW Committee. It is one of the rare opportunities that allow all Sugarbush employees to get together and get to know each other in addition to receiving valuable training. While we certainly believe the guest should come first, we think it just as important to take of and train our employees to be the best they can be.

The day began with a variety of presentations. These included a resort update by Win and recaps of what is current in Safety, Environment and Wellness by SEW Committee members. After which we were treated to a new Hazardous Communication video that took us on a tour of some facilities around the resort to look at what chemicals are on hand and how we deal with them.

For this event we randomly assign staff to teams so that they can get to know others who work at the resort. After the morning presentations the teams begin to go through a series of workshops. The workshops this year were:

  • Stop the Bleed: This program teaches skills for dealing with traumatic wounds.  Stop the Bleed reviews proper techniques for using tourniquets and applying pressure and gives participants the opportunity to practice their skills. This is a nationwide program that recognizes that bystanders are usually the first responders to traumatic injuries and gives everyone the skills to make a difference. For more information visit
  • Fit for Snow: Fit for Snow is a worksite wellness program aimed at the reduction of injuries for on-snow employees. The program focuses on maintaining a neutral posture and a strong core, hydration and proper nutrition.  Sugarbush introduced this program in the 2017/2018 season in Lift Operations, Ski & Ride and Ski Patrol. Last October, Sugarbush received the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Workplace Safety based on our participation in this program. While the program was developed for on-snow employees it has benefits for all in that it recognizes the importance of fitness, hydration and proper nutrition. Learn more at
  • Warren Fire Department Demonstration:  The Warren Fire Department is one of our key partners and this year we got an up close and personal look at what they do. Several members of the department spent the day with us and allowed us to try out some of their equipment including hoses, clothing (man, that stuff is heavy!) and the ladder truck. While no one got to drive the ladder truck, many were given the opportunity to climb the ladder, start the sirens and use the horns. Sugarbush offers incentives to employees who join any of the local emergency services. For more information on that program please reach out to the HR department.
  • Mountain Water Company Tour: Gene Martin, Director of Utilities and Eric Hanson, Environmental Compliance Coordinator, gave a tour of the Mountain Water Company surface water treatment plant and explained all the important work that the Utilities Department does including protecting human health and the environment. This is a department that operates 24/7/365 with many regulatory obligations to fulfill.
  • HR Team Building: Who knew you could do so much with spaghetti, marshmallows and some plastic? In this exercise, the larger team was broken up into smaller groups to see who could create the tallest structure. Lots of teamwork, communication and creativity were required for this activity!

After a fantastic lunch, courtesy of our culinary team, our key note speaker took the stage. This year our keynote was none other than our very own Terry Barbour, Director of our Ski & Ride Programs. Terry gave a great talk about his start in the business, his work with PSIA, how his department has incorporated Fit for Snow and his strategies for avoiding injury.

Our day ended with us all coming back together for a trivia contest called: 70 years of Win!  We all learned a little something about Win during this event! Here’s an example question:

Which extra-curricular club did Win participate in while in school?

  1. Chess Club
  2. Cooking Club
  3. Debate Team
  4. Glee Club            

Hint: ask Win to sing a song for you the next time you see him- The Wild Goose Camp song to be specific.

More from the SEW Committee next month with an update on all the good things we are working on!