Our Second Home

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“We have our regular restaurants we love to go to, and we love bringing up friends  and introducing them to all the Mad River Valley has to offer.  I even have regular off-mountain yoga and pilates classes I like to go to, and it's great to run into people I meet anywhere in town. It's such a warm community.”                                                

                                                                                        -Rebecca Kirshenbaum


The Kirshenbaums have called the Mad River Valley home for the past five years and have done everything from throw their fifteenth wedding anniversary celebration, to annually participate in the Mad River Dash, and continue to add on to twenty-five years of skiing at Sugarbush Resort. Mark, Rebecca, Eli, Caleb, and golden-doodle Quimby “live for the ski season,” including Quimby who barks with excitement as soon as they turn on to the access road!

Formerly seasonal renters, the Kirshenbaums decided to purchase a home at Sugarbush after too many moving parts, getting accustomed to new places, and not having a clear routine got to be too much. Rebecca says, “as [the boys] get older, it’s also wonderful to be able to have everyone come and go as they please without the whole family having to want to be on the mountain for the same length of time.” It is truly a second home as “the boys are completely comfortable there, know everyone, and feel welcomed and safe.”

Rebecca is a writer and a “skier by marriage.” While she occasionally skis, she loves the off-mountain peace and relaxation here, she says it’s an inspiring place to get her writing done. As a family, they enjoy snowshoeing, seeing movies at the Big Picture Theater, sledding, ice-skating, and hanging out in the valley. In the summer they love being outside; their favorite activities include hiking, biking, and finding swimming holes.

Be sure to say hi to the Kirshenbaums if you see them around the valley!