Lawson's Finest Liquids

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Vermont name brands such as Zero Gravity, Hill Farmstead Brewery, Fiddlehead, and Alchemist, have set the bar high in the craft beer/microbrewery industry and one of the best calls the Mad River Valley home. Since 2008, owners Sean and Karen Lawson have been producing Lawson’s Finest Liquids in their Warren home brewery.

Have you driven through town on a Thursday and seen lines of people outside gas stations and grocery stores? Maybe you’ve seen the signs declaring the strict “two case per person” policy. Double Sunshine, Super Session, and those iconic yellow cans of Sip of Sunshine began to sell out so quickly that many local stores installed Sip of Sunshine specific refrigerators and more valley restaurants are keeping it on tap to supply the demand.

This summer the award-winning, nationally recognized backyard brewery is moving to the center of town in Waitsfield and adding a tasting room. Lawson’s is taking the industry by the horns evidenced by its presence in select restaurants in neighboring towns and cities. We are excited and fortunate to have a representative from Lawson’s and some of the product at this week’s Open House event in Gadd Brook. Join us from 2-5PM to talk about Sugarbush Living and taste some of Lawson’s Finest.