Ode to Stick Season

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Now that we've passed peak foliage (and what a peak it was!), we get to a period that does not get proper respect. Of the two extra seasons we get in VT, mud and stick, I generally prefer stick. Sure, new spring growth and warmer days are exciting, plus the skiing is generally better in April than October, but crisp blue sky mid-fall days and the potential for snoliage are pretty compelling.

We got our first snow last week! 

With most of the leaves and understory down, the views are more expansive and the sun brightly lights the woods. The trails are still pretty dry and we're in peak condition for long hikes and bike rides. 

Rolling on Lenord's Loop at Blueberry Lake this week.

Sugarbush Assistant Patrol Director Chad checking out the new Evolution II trail in Camel's Hump State Forest.  

Although it is aptly named. stick season has some color too. The beeches, oaks and poplars are currently flashing their best burnt oranges, hot yellows and ruddy browns, with a few strong red hot maples still lingering.

If you missed peak foliage and Community Weekend, here is a little retrospective. 

All smiles. 

A family that rides together stays together.

Berning down the house. 

Green Mountain Valley School xc skiers sometimes practice in the Lincoln Peak lot with roller skis. Very impressive.

Popping colors on Community Weekend.. 

Cheers to a great fall and happy stick season!

Remember that winter is right around the corner too. We're scheduled to start making snow next week and the forecast is promising. Stay tuned. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange