Water Colors

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The hot hazy humid days of late summer can feel like you're swimming damply through the thick air, but thankfully we've got plenty of remedies, like jumping in the water or climbing the mountain for some cooler air. We love our brooks, ponds and the river, and this time of year, you'll see cars parked in weird places all over the Valley as we head to the water spots. The upper elevations can provide relief too and there is the added bonus of gravity and speed-induced breezes to help on the way back down.

Chilling at Lincoln Peak in Adventure Camp this week.

Water colors brightening up Jester. 

Letting it flow under Heaven's Gate in Mountain Bike Adventure Camp.  

Wolfie enjoying some refreshing mountain air.  

Watch for friendly wood elves in the shade.  

More water colors from the wildflowers.

Speaking of colors. 

The summer hues are popping and we've got a great weekend forecast for sunshine and ideal temps. Cool off on the mountain or in the water, it's all sweet Mad River Valley fun. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange