Top Turkey

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With Thanksgiving only a few hours away, we're counting our blessings and carving tasty turns. Today marks a big jump in open terrain too, with top to bottom trails at Lincoln Peak.  

Keeping it real. 

Cold temps and natural snow have been regularly rolling through, with a few inches of fresh already today and a good stretch of snowmaking weather tonight. This should let us open a way down from Heaven's Gate lift and get a good early start on Stein's. 

Snow reporter Emily testing some fresh snow earlier this week. 


Mow pow.

Tele skiers always talk about getting low, maybe not this low though. Oink oink.

Roy Tuscany, High Fives founder, getting some early season runs on Spring Fling this Saturday.

Got your new pass yet? 

Big Kicker = big smiles. Many thanks to everyone that came to the party!

Rock stars!

Johnny K. from the High Fives Foundation and the Bush Pilot's Bobfather celebrating the start of the season. Johnny was so excited, he went for a swim in the river. Brr. 

Day School face painting. 

Serious about fun.

You know it's a real rail jam when Spencer D. is on the slide. 

Diamond Dog head coach Joey and star pupil Colby planning their drops.  

Fast company. The Swiss women's ski team was at Sugarbush yesterday for some training. 

Cow wow.

Thankful for freestyle fun. As usual, Sugarbush Parks is making the magic happen.

Camel's Hump morning. 

With so many things to be grateful about, we're feeling especially lucky to be part of the Mad River Valley community and the Sugarbush family. Get some runs in tomorrow before you settle into the feast, dessert before dinner always starts things properly. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange