Tipping Point

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Based on the amount of early foliage we have already and a steady supply of chilly mornings, summer seems to be quickly turning towards autumn in the mountains. We've got frost warnings for tonight and the summits may see their first rime coating since April. 

The 17th Hole is a favorite for many reasons. 

The days are still generally warm though and outdoor adventures are ideal in this just-right temp zone. While the days are noticeably shorter now, there is no reason to stop playing just because the sun goes down earlier.

Follow the light. Night riding at Blueberry Lake.

The tipping point of summer and fall.  

After the hazy days of mid-summer, the clear air brings the scenery into sharp detail and brilliant color. The tip towards fall appears accelerated this year, perhaps offering a hint of winter to come. Long range forecasts suggest a cold snowy one, so it might be time to start or ramp up your snow dancing. 

Village Quad is coming along fast. The tower line is in and the top terminal drive motor is being installed.  

Enjoying some hero dirt conditions on a lesson yesterday.  

Avi rolling down Burly Maple. 

Stocking up for a long flight.

We're celebrating Labor Day weekend with some sips of late summer sweetness. Grab your gear and and grins, it's time to ride into autumn.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange