Temp Time

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In case you missed it last Friday, we got our first real snow in the mountains, with a few inches falling at the summits. Even though October snow is usually ephemeral, there is something special about waking up to that initial fresh coating.  

Looking up Valley on Friday morning. Note the snowline on Ripcord is lower than the snowline at Bravo, this is visual evidence of the effects of being closer to the ridge. 

Speaking of visual evidence, we installed some new snow stakes yesterday at Lincoln Peak. 

Many thanks for another great season at the Sugarbush Golf Club

Playing squash on Halloween.

Community fun.

Still remembering. The stars reflected the light off the grass into some raindrops, creating the ghost images.

With November's arrival, we are just waiting for the right conditions to start making snow. Our forecast starts to look good next week, with a noticeable temp drop coming Tuesday. 

Standing at attention, prepped and ready to roll.

Still rolling at Blueberry Lake too. Please avoid using all trails during the days of Youth Hunting Weekend, November 4th-5th and Deer Rifle Season, November 11th-26th. Night hikes and rides are really fun.

The stark beauty of November from the Shaw Outdoor Center at Norwich University, just over the hill.

Chase Brook Town Forest trail planning continues with the Fayston Natural Resources Committee, the Friends of the Mad River, the Mad River Riders, Catamount Trail and Mad River Path. This trailhead is across from the Fayston School, just below Mt. Ellen. 

So close. Crank up your snow dances and remember to thank our snowmakers!

The fairest season is upon us. The Big Kicker is only 2 weeks away and we're hoping to be spinning lifts and making turns by then too. See you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange