Sweet Style

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Maple sugaring usually starts on a warm February or March day, a tease of spring, before we settle back in for some more winter. Prime corn snow skiing and riding usually accompany the beginning of syrup production, making these moments extra sweet.   

Old school sap bucket collection in Moretown this week.

We're enjoying one of these stretches right now, with a nice string of sunny days and cool nights. Later this week, snow looks likely to return and the 10 day forecast bodes well for March entering like a lion. Anecdotally, it seems that when we have a warmer than average period early, winter often sticks around through April.  

Old Man Winter's home. Apparently, he lives in Fayston, but may be traveling at the moment.

A small sampling of one of Sugarbush's big families, the Boyles! 

The start of a new Sugarbush family branch. Congrats to the Cullens for their surprise Lincoln Peak engagement!

The High Fives Foundation Fat Ski-A-Thon returns to Sugarbush this Sunday. There is still time to register!

I'm faster than you and you too.

Enjoying a few powder turns with Coach Seth in the beginning of the holiday week.  

Coach Seth double duties as a liftie. Goggle tans are happening!

Learning the turn on Tommy's Toy at Mt. Ellen. Go Dagan!

Perfecting the turn with Coach Rick on Gate House.

Holiday race camp on Snowball.

Boomers getting ready for sunny fun with Coaches Chan, Tom and Rich.

Harwood Union and Sugarbush hosted one of the regional high school finals yesterday. Good luck racers! 

Sugarbush Parks are rocking! 

A view to the thrills.

Dropping some style yesterday. 

Winter can be fickle, but with a ton of snowmaking base left and storm clouds roiling in the distance, we've still got a lot of fun to share this season. Keep an eye on the weather and be ready for more powder and soft turns, before spring truly arrives. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange