Summer's Ghosts

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The spiritual end of summer is Labor Day, but the ghosts of warm weather, wildflowers and garden harvests are still sneaking around. The rivers, ponds and lakes haven't even gotten super cold yet. Well, they aren't any colder than they normally are. Some of the shady tributaries still feel like snowmelt in the middle of August. 

A sweet spot to cool off in Lincoln Brook. 

Water wraiths.

Our event calendar hasn't disappeared either, we've got a full schedule straight into fall and beyond. In fact, some of our favorite non-winter celebrations are just around the corner, like the New England Craft Beer Open golf tourney, Community Day and Oktoberfest.

Grab some bright colors and join us for the annual Sugarbush Ryder Cup golf tournament this weekend.  

One foot in this season, the other in another. 

The new Village Quad bottom bullwheel was installed today. Check out the video here

Preparations for winter are in high gear, even while we get ready for fall foliage. Autumn's apparitions are showing more of themselves daily and with just the right amounts of rain and sun this summer, the hues are likely to be bright.  

Flower towers.

Summer's bounty. The apple crop has been especially big this year. 

Green turning to gold in Camel's Hump State Forest

View to a thrill. 

We're in between the specters of summer and the phantasms of fall, but there is no reason to be afraid, these are friendly ghosts. They are quick to dissipate this time of year though, grasp the wisps before they're gone.  

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange