Summer Song

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Sets of wildflower waves break in the fields, tall grasses are going to seed and precocious foliage accents the hillsides. The golden glow of late summer's song is upon us.

The hills are alive ... singing and hiking on Organgrinder.     

The fun never stops at Sugarbush, but it does change day to day, week to week and season to season. Camps are still in full swing, but only a few weeks away, the specter of school waits in the wings. 

Adventure campers swinging in the trees at GMVS with Drew Duffy and Doug Lewis' Eliteam. 

Just an average camp day hanging out with current and former members of the US Ski Team.

Lewie leaping.

The new Village Quad bullwheels have been delivered!

The Sunnyside Quad top and bottom terminal foundations have been poured too. 


Still plenty of time to get better here. 

Summer's song nearing its crescendo. 

Rolling with the rhythm of the ride. Local celebrity Christy Geyer leading a tour at Blueberry Lake recently.

Flying in the flowers at Mountain Bike Adventure Camp.

Summer's song is still loud and proud, but you can already hear autumn's oratory warming up. Time to dance. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange