Summer Dreams

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You know when you miss a big storm in the winter and everybody is raving about how awesome it just was? That's how you might be feeling if you missed the last week in the Mad River Valley, not for the powder snow, but for the dreamy summer fun. 

When you bring a disco ball for a hike and bike, you know it's a good dream.

Frendly Gathering was a massive blast of sweet singing, playing, dancing and celebrating at Mt. Ellen last weekend. Many thanks to all the bands, visitors, volunteers, employees and Frendly staff that made it such a great event. We've seen quite a few concerts at the MEllen over the years and Frendly is one of the best organized.

Inside the Martin dome. 



Saxabone jamming.

 Even with some strong thunderstorms last week, conditions are very dry. While the farmers and the fungi foragers are a little worried, the mountain and valley trail networks are in prime shape. The golf course is running fast too and the rough is less ruff than normal.

Mad River Ripper Eli ripping at Blueberry Lake this week.

Putt for dough.

Yesterday's 4th of July parade and parties were definitely memorable, with all the classic elements; great weather, incredibly creative floats, fun friends, a tinge of sadness for those who passed this year (especially Clive) and a whole lot of irreverent reverence for US.  

George starting the parade and honoring Clive.  

Fashion show-off.

Welcome to US!

Feeling the Bern in Warren!

Feeling the turn too. Happy birthday!


Prickly Mountain bringing the political heat.

Mad Max moped'ers.

The recent heat wave has drawn everyone to the refreshing brooks, river, ponds and Blueberry Lake to cool down after fun adventures. Lots of folks know the highlight areas to go, like Warren Falls, but try branching out and finding some new dunking zones. Sometimes a small walk can make a big difference, especially if you're looking for a quieter spot. When the lower Mad and Blueberry Lake start to get a little too comfortable, head upstream to the shady creeks and spring-fed ponds for a real chill that lasts all summer. 

Near Austin Brook, not a secret spot, but it stays cooler here and the rocks are awesome.  

The heat is supposed to break tomorrow and the weekend looks ideal again, with sunshine and highs in the 70s. You can avoid the "you should have been here" feeling by actually being here and reveling in the summer dreams. See you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange