Storm Turns

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When a potent winter storm bears down on the Mad River Valley, you can feel the excitement level ramp up it gets closer. No matter how many times we get a fizzled out nor'incher, the potential for powder is enough to raise hopes.

Coach Rick and his new custom "can't get lost" skis. 

There was a lot of variability to the forecast for the latest tempest, but given the strong early start, doubt is fading and anticipation is building. Frankly, it is pounding snow this morning and the extended outlook suggests 3-4 days of storm turns ahead, with snow continuing into Sunday. 

We expect contagious cases of the powder giggles this weekend. Be prepared.

Shaking the snow globe.

Many thanks to the High Fives Foundation for last weekend's successful Fat Ski-A-Thon. There is still time to contribute. Go!

The snow is just in time for the annual Castlerock Challenge this Saturday. Keep dancing!

Storm turns are some of the best and we've got a bunch lined up now. Put away the work and come play, March is here.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange