Stoke Dividends

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The Sugarbush community is full of people who share incredible levels of stoke, but there is one group that consistently outperforms the rest, the High Fives Foundation and their partners at VT Adaptive Ski and Sport.  

Stoke Master Roy.  

Last Thursday was a wild weather day, with rain changing to snow, high winds and dropping temps. Visibility was challenging, the turns were less than consistent and the wind was shutting down lifts. Still, the High Fives and VT Adaptive teams were whooping it up on every run like it was a sunny powder day.    

Sunday was extra sweet. North Lynx love!

Perspective can be a powerful teacher and trying to see the world through different eyes often brings new wisdom. Smiles yield large dividends for both investors and investees, more than doubling the initial inputs on a regular basis. 

One of our favorite fun-raisers, Trevor Kennison!

Mini-Roy and Momma Alana.

Mike rocking the rainbow rail.

High Fives from the Ski Mountaineering team!

And team Lou!

Making the liftie schedule happen. Behind the scenes with Good Dave. 

Nick Fairall, you may recognize his style from the 2020 trail map and Sugarbush Magazine covers. 

Looking ahead ... lots of Lawson's fun happening this weekend!

Saturday and Sunday look sunny, with temps warming into early next week. Daylight savings starts on Saturday night, remember to set your clocks to be on-time for first chair. See you on the mountain!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange