Solstice Savor

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The official beginning of winter is upon us and we're celebrating the season with sweet snow and lots of fun runs. Between steady cold temps and natural snowfall, we've had a great start already, with almost all the trails open at Lincoln Peak. Mt. Ellen is scheduled to kick off the season on Friday and we're likely to be close or at 100% open. 

Have you ridden the new Village Quad? The new Sunny Quad starts spinning Friday! 

The new snowguns and cold temps have allowed for extra base depths on snowmaking trails and we have a decent dense natural snow base already building. Castlerock is in remarkably good shape. Today's new snow bonded very well to the base and the turns have been excellent.

Today on Ripcord with some Valley Ski Week'ers.

Race training with Coach Laura.

However, as the holiday vacation period approaches, a nearly yearly warm-up is also coming in. Sometimes, this warm-up is hard on the snowpack, but with good storms predicted for Friday and again on Monday, Saturday's brief above-freezing temps shouldn't be a big deal. 

Snow means smiles. 

Welcome to the Welcome Mat. 

Second Thoughts is first rate now.

Rock star Izzy working on her turns and modeling skills.

We start'em young. 

Keith is the Director of MRV-TV and recently produced a cool video on hiking to Castlerock.

Check out the new Nomad Coffee hut at Lincoln Peak. 

Ski and Ride programs are in full swing.

Thank you to everyone that came to the Sugarbash last weekend! Look for live music all season.

Snow reporter Emily enjoying a Castlerock powder run.

Cotillon dancing.

The sweetest season is here and it is time to savor it. Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you on the mountain soon. 

Tiny houses are so passe. Nano houses are now the coolest thing.