Soft Fall

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Snow is softly falling this afternoon at all elevations, watching the flakes float is still magical. Snowmaking started yesterday and with even colder temps ahead, we're aiming for a new Gate House-first opening plan.

Likely suspects making room for new skis by selling old skis at the 40th Annual Waitsfield Ski and Skate Sale.

All about the base.  

The Halloween storm thoroughly stripped the remaining foliage from the trees and we are in full peak stick season. The views are long and the underlying terrain is well revealed. Speaking of storms, check the forecast. Winter appears to arrive in force. Is five days out too early to mention a potential 10"? Probably. 

Forest foray.

Wood elf alert.

Rolling into late fall. Please respect seasonal trail closures and hunting season closures for all trail uses, including hiking.  


Getting some last trail work days. 


Lincoln Peak yesterday morning. 

And the MEllen.

With snowmaking and snow falling, things are looking soft soon. Time to blow out the cobwebs and get serious about winter. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange