Small Miracles

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We're feeling gracious for small miracles, as the little squalls keep adding up and the good vibes from High Fives last weekend continue to flow. The weather has been relatively quiet since the last round of storms, but that hasn't stopped the accumulations. The sun has been out a bunch too, creating a sweet mix of bright moments and sparkly flurries.   


Another length of RipCord from yesterday.

Silky Snowball with a buttery layer on top from last night. 

​Coach Jason training for the weekend. 

New snow and new skis. Thanks, K2 and Mother Nature!

Dr. Egan finding some fun today. 

High Fives celebrating exceeding their $200,000 fun-raising goal! 

When a high five isn't enough. Roy and Win III grabbing a hug. 

Trevor Kennison hucked huge into Corbet's Couloir recently. Here he is making The Mall look smooth.

Still loving! 

Tom was looking seriously sharp last weekend. 

Clearly, Sugarbush brings out people's fashion sense.  

The man, the myth, the legend. CorduRoy Tuscany, who also skied a slick bumpy FIS last Friday. Nice turns! 

Tipping and ripping.

A sweet slice of MEllen.

VT Adaptive and High Fives on Summit.

Teamwork makes the dream work.  

One of our favorite small miracles finding a natural treasure in Slide Brook. 

The snow is falling again, with more predicted over the weekend. The base is as deep as it gets, just about every possible bit of terrain is in play and we are going to be rolling through the weekend with grins of gratitude for all the wonderful things this winter has brought. Better be here!