Sick Days

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With the powder flu season in full swing, here are a few tips to help you stay healthy and happy. 

Friends - The old saying is, "No friends on a powder day." We don't believe in this. Friends make it more fun and can help make your descents safer. If you're going to wander off-trail, friends are even more important. 

Some famous friends on a powder day. Sugarbush coach Dean Decas, and Kimberly and Glen Plake. These friends have adventured all over the world together and know the value of good partners. 

Sunshine - When the storm is over and the sun comes out, the powder may be harder to find, but Vitamin D is an important component of a happy healthy winter. When blue skies return tomorrow through the weekend, get out and absorb some sweet funshine.  

Marc finding some bright freshies only a few feet from the trail. 

Expand Your Opportunities - With only so many hours of lift-served fun to keep the powder flu at bay, check out our uphill routes, Cabin Cat and cool events like Tour De Moon. The next Tour De Moon on January 19th could be epic too, with a full Super Wolf Moon to light the way. 

Heading up for Tour De Moon last weekend.

Getting ready for a tasty ride down Cruiser with a solid crew. 

Cabin Cat loading yesterday morning. We highly recommend this experience, particularly tomorrow morning. 

Morning Star power. 

You know you're probably in the right place at the right time when Egan rolls by with a grin.

Be Prepared - Powder storms, especially in the mountains, can be a surprise and you always need to keep your ear to the ground. However, this week's sick days were all predicted several days prior. Arranging for properly timed ski/ride days can make the difference between "Woohoo" and "You should have been here yesterday."    

You should have been here today. But it's still snowing and the weekend should be great too. 

The storm is winding down and the sun is about to come out for the weekend. We recommend getting your powder flu shot at Sugarbush for best results. See you on the mountain!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange