Show Time

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With lots of sunshine, pleasant humidity and prime conditions, our summer show is culminating right now. Soon, we will only have a quick September encore before fall returns to the stage.

Aside from all the current fun, we are also hard at work prepping for the winter run. For all the latest updates on lifts and the new RFID gates, click over to What's New in 2017.

Partial eclipse of the sunflower.

We can appreciate almost any time of the year in the Mad River Valley, but there are a few pretty much guaranteed crescendos. Late August and early September are one of these. The golden glow of late summer is truly magical.

Patroller Brian and his wife Caroline teeing off for a fun round at the Sugarbush Golf Club.

Sweet local brews and tasty views at Hogan's.

Even the wildlife wants to eat at Hogan's.

One of the results of attending Sugarbush Adventure Camps. Happy birthday, Wolfie!

Peak flower season.

Peak hiking time too.

Even though summer is awesome, we're already dreaming of cozy winter fun. Season pass prices go up on September 13th. Get yours now!


Always ready for turns. About 90 days to our scheduled winter opening!

While summer feels like it ends when school starts, we highly recommend sticking around until the show is done. The band is still playing and they are finishing strong, you should too. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange