Season Passion

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In case you weren't clear, skiing and riding are all about love. From families to friends, the mountains help keep us together. Gravity's power is mysterious like love too. We still have much to learn about these fundamental forces.

Snowy smooches.  

Sharing the air with friends.

Family time on Bravo.

Learning the turn together.

Old friends, new skis. Boomers on groomers.

Liftie love.

Part of our events team sharing a smile at the Jr Castlerock last weekend.

Diamond Dog team members getting each other psyched up for the comp.

One of the only non-fog shots of the whole comp.

Sisters out for a Saturday spin. 

Friends that ski together, stay together.

Look, the kids aren't fighting! ;)

We love the Olympics and Nolan Kaspar too! He was here today getting his last training runs before heading to South Korea.

Go Nolan!

One of the surest signs that it is $14 Valentine's Day tickets at Sugarbush ... well-loved gear from the 1980s and 90s.

We hope you are enjoying Valentine's Day and looking forward to the big holiday coming next week. The weather is looking a little up and down, but the mountains always have last say. Regardless of conditions, we'll still be having a ton of fun and doing our best to share the love. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange