Recovery Return

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Yesterday's warm weather and rain was a common early season setback, but it didn't erase all the natural snow, let alone the more durable machine-made layers. Looking ahead, we've got considerably colder temps and a few short shots of snow in the forecast. 

Murphy's guns today.

The snowmaking team has already fired up for the recovery and we should be able to quickly add terrain in the next week. Conditions look good for non-stop base-building, even at our lowest elevations. 

The firm snow is great for race practice. GMVS knocking down gates on Spring Fling this week.

Our new efficient snowguns have made a big difference in both quantity and quality of snowmaking, allowing us to cover trails and recover from warm-ups faster than ever before. Combined with our experienced grooming team, the rebound is moving forward.

The man, the myth, the legend, Al Hobart, founder of GMVS, still carving arcs. 

Celebrating the opening of Ripcord on Saturday. 

A rare trail sighting on Treeskier. 

Teresa and Jeff all smiles after their 1st Ripcord drop. 

Snow reporter Emily and Bush Pilot Marc jazzed for some early turns. 

Ski and Ride Director Terry Barbour shows the team how to make the most of Spillsville.

If these are your kids' coaches, they're in an awesome program.

We've been lucky to have lots of neighbors visit lately, including MRG's new GM and his family. 

Day one and already mastered the most important turn. Welcome Mat is open. 

A little alpenglow show from the past week.   

Winter is back and the turns are improving again. The weekend predictions are for a mix of sun, clouds and flurries, with a 100% chance of fun. Better be here!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange