Peak Streak

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After Community Day and the conclusion of summer mountain activities, there is a distinct turn towards winter in our work. But as the leaves light up the hillsides, autumn's apex continues. Outdoor adventures are still peaking in the Mad River Valley and even though the snowguns are set to run in less than 20 days, we're excited for a lot more fall fun. 

The Sugarbush Golf Club is still open and the course is in great shape.

The new Village Quad is complete!

Sunny Quad chairs ready to hang.

Community Day and Oktoberfest were great!  

In the scene. 

Oktoberfest keg tosser. 

Base area beauty. 

As the seasons change, our focus changes too. 

Valley House hues. 

UnCommon Rd.

Old tractors are cool. 

Splintered sunlight.

Sugarbush Parks always making it pretty.

Moretown magic. 

Old school.

Thank you for a great summer at Lincoln Peak! 

The Mad River Riders are still building trails. Join them this Sunday from 10AM - 1PM for work on Chain Gang. Meet at the end of Phen Rd.

The weekend looks warm, but there is another frost warning tonight and temps cool again next week. Grab the best of fall now, keep training for winter and we'll see you soon.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange