Peak Stick

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This has been a very warm October, with summery temps even into this week. The heat did seem to delay the colors a bit, but it couldn't stop the change and we had some very bright trees and hillsides to peep for the last few weeks. As usual though, the transformation between peak foliage and peak stick seasons is the fastest one of the whole year.

Not many people know about peak stick season yet, that's because it is a new phrase coined by Chef Adam of the Common Man. As an obviously under-appreciated time of the year, we're rolling with it and expect a very busy stick season. Make your reservations now. ;)


A week ago, we still had large swaths of hot leaves. Today, it's 36 degrees at the summits, with a mix of rain and snow. The majority of the leaves are gone, although some of the poplars, oaks, beeches and a few strong maples are still hanging onto their colors.  

Mostly gone. Looking into Slide Brook Basin from Bragg Hill on Tuesday.  

We are about a week away from firing up the snowguns and the forecast looks good for next Friday. We need at least a several hour window to make it worth charging the system, so stay tuned. As soon as we know, we'll be sure to share.

Putting the finishing touches on the new Sunny Quad and RFID gates. 

Trevor, Sugarbush Parks' fearless leader, making it happen this week. 

Sugarbush Patrol refresher last weekend. 

Pumpkin glow. 

Friends riding and enjoying the last bits of warm weather on Sunday. 

Marking the final layout of the new Mad River Riders' trail at Blueberry Lake today with LD Trailworks. Corridor clearing starts this Saturday! 

The golden road. Busternut trail in Camel's Hump State Forest this week. 

All the colors. Four pots of gold in Waitsfield this week. 

The remnants of fall are mostly scattered on the ground, the temps have finally cooled down and we're ready for the next season. If you haven't started snow dancing yet, the band is about to start playing. Bring on winter!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange