Most Makers

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When winter weather winds between arctic and sub-tropical, it brings out a defiant attitude in eastern skiers and riders. While we prefer softer turns, the simple act of sliding on snow is all it takes to get the smile muscles firing.  

Teresa and Emily making the best of some nice sunshine and corduroy on Saturday.

We've perfected the art of making the most out of what we have, even when it isn't much. This fun frugality means conditions aren't what make a ski day, it's what's inside us that counts. 

Happy is as happy does. Having a little alternative fun on our dense base. 

Celebrating International Women's Ski Day last weekend with some Sugarbush wildlife.

Doing a little with a lot to refresh the fun.

Welcome to the Telemark World Cup racers here this week!

Enjoying some soft snow late last week on Sunrise.

Join us for $30 Thursdays at Mt. Ellen tomorrow! Famous local musician Bruce Isaacson is playing apres too.

Wide wale is always in style.

The forecast looks like a comfortable weekend ahead, with the chance for some snow on Sunday into Monday. Hopefully, we've passed the traditional January thaw and are moving into the snowiest part of the winter. Keep snowdancing and making the most of it. A day of skiing is always better than a day of work. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange