Making Fun

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Do you hear that quiet "sssscccchhhhhhhhhhhh" in the air? Music to your ears, too? Yes, Mother Nature's Helper got fired up last night! It might look like we're making snow, but at the core, that's the sound of fun being made. 

We're dedicated to fun. Thank you, snowmakers!

After some roller-coaster weather weeks, we're looking at a solid stretch of cold approaching, with potential for a storm after the weekend. Temps are likely to be marginal for a couple more days, before they plummet to wintery depths. Lows next week may be in the single digits at the summits, perfect for making big piles of joy. 

We've had several sneaky snow systems drop on the mountains in the last few weeks. Photo from 11/5.

Opening Day is scheduled for November 17th and it's likely to be met. Given forecasted conditions, top-to-bottom is also a distinct possibility. We'll be singing from rooftops, as soon as details are confirmed. 

One of our snowmaking crews heading up Heaven's Gate this morning. 

The Big Kicker season kickoff party at Lareau Farm is also on the 17th, with our friendly neighbors Mad River Glen. Did you hear they are letting snowboarders back on the lifts this season? Neither did we, but this can be one of the best times of the year to hike for turns at MRG and everyone is welcome to walk up, regardless of the number of sliding sticks you use.

Spence on the fence at the Sugarbush Parks Big Kicker Rail Jam last year.

Sugarbush's winter hiking policies are different than MRG's. Please review them if you plan to hike, especially now that mountain operations are ramping up again.


Happy 60th to Sugarbush. We'll be sharing archived images all season. Paradise? Yes! 

With Opening Day looming, this is a good time to pull your gear out, check it for issues, get bindings tested, boards tuned, holes repaired and empty out last year's food from your pockets. If you are looking to upgrade or replace anything, the famous Waitsfield Ski and Skate Sale is this weekend too, November 10-11.  

Bike and hike season are still in play, but Deer Rifle Season starts Saturday and runs through November 25th. Most of the Valley's trails close during daylight hours for hunting, so charge your lights for night adventures. 

A few colorful foliage accents are all that's left.

Once again, how about a cheer for our funmakers? Woohoo!

Friday's forecast is calling for significant rain in the Valley, but much of may be snow up high. Cold returns on Saturday evening and should sunny and dry on Sunday. Keep your fitness up and see you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange