Highs to Lows

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We're reveling in one last stretch of summery weather before this week's low temps become our high temps next week. The juxtaposition of seasons is wild, we are still swimming comfortably in the river now and it commonly snows for the first time about month or so from now.

Mid-October in the Mad River Valley.

Even for hardcore winter fans, the autumnal transition can be tinged with melancholy. The easy living, warm adventures and fresh food of summer are big pluses, only excessive heat and bugs really get in the way of it. 

Tastes like summer.

That said, we fully understand and appreciate the longing for cooler and colder. There is little we love so much as the first flakes and the scheduled start of snowmaking, which is incidentally only 49 days away, not that we are counting. 

Make it 'til you flake it.

Winter is long though and most people get a little antsy in April when it's still snowing. With that in mind, it is time to seize the last bits of summer and hold them tight for those cold days when the wind whips and the mercury in the thermometer doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning. 

Soaking in the last bits of summer fun.

Before we dive too deeply into winter remember to feast on fall's beauty and harvest too. The foliage party has already begun and it ends far too quickly.  

Sometimes, it's the small details.     

Other times, it's a bigger perspective.  

Teeing off this morning before the fog burned off. Blue skies and sunshine for the rest of the weekend.

Start high this Saturday and finish low with the Mad River Riders' Enduro Fest Fall Classic. Limited spots are available. Everyone is welcome for the Annual Meeting and Landowner Appreciation Party at Hogan's from 5PM-9PM. Free pizza and Lawson's specials at the party. 

The Mad River Valley is in its glory for the next few weeks, with events and natural attractions peaking into October. Better be here!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange