Heavy Lifting

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When a sweet stretch of snow comes to an end, there is a common let-down and hope for a quick return to tasty turns. November set some impressive records and it was difficult to see the unfrozen precipitation dripping off the trees earlier this week.

Morning Star was bright and beautiful last Saturday. 

Despite forecasts that suggested no real snow was going to follow the warm-up, we've seen several inches since Tuesday and conditions have bounced back pretty quickly. While the snowmakers and groomers are certainly doing their part, the rebound snow has been impressive. Typical of this part of the season, unexpected micro-storms are common, due to Lake Champlain being unfrozen, prevailing west-to-east winds and our mountains' heavy orographic lifting.

Sparkly fresh on North Lynx.

If we hadn't been spoiled with all that recent powder, the amount of snow we have right now would/should be impressive. Perspective matters. 

Smile for success.

Here are some positive perspectives to consider ... Castlerock is still open for hiking and we're planning to have all the Lincoln Peak trails open this weekend. Again. The base is deep and dense enough that we're skiing and riding in the woods, even at lower elevations. We've already had several incredible powder days. Lastly, it is only the beginning of December. 

Today's conditions near Downspout. Way better than expected.

Diamond Dog coach training today. 

Most importantly, the Wunderbar opens this Saturday!

Have you seen the new telemark bindings? Nothing like some fresh technology. ;) 

Thank you, snowmakers. Look for fun beginner and intermediate terrain this weekend.

Last night's sunset from Moretown. 

The mountains are doing some heavy lifting today and snow is still falling, with potential for more accumulation tonight. The weekend looks sunny and cool, with serious potential for fun. Better be here!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange