Falling In

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Summer's hazy greens can mute our beautiful views, but when autumn colors light the fields and forests, it is easy to fall in love again with familiar vistas. Every turn can reveal a fresh delight of hues and shapes. 


If I had to pick my favorite non-snow time of the year, the next month would be it. We typically get ideal warm days and cool nights, the gardens are bursting with fresh flavors, wildflowers and foliage compete for bragging rights and if you built up your summer fitness, adventures can be at their longest and most fun. 

Mad River Riders UN Epic Ride last weekend was a long adventure with 5000' of climb/descent.

The kids did a shorter version, but still had an UNbelieveable ride. Many thanks to the Greshins and Sugarbush for supporting the aid station at Eurich Pond. 

Jane leading the kids up Swell Hill.

Cheers for chocolate-covered bacon and birdie bars!

A preview of things to come ... very soon.  

Sparktacular scenes. Fire on the mountain. 

Evolution II trail work continues. Join the Riders on Saturday morning for another fun work day.  

The leaves will be gone before you know it. Heck, snowmaking is scheduled to start in just 49 days.

We're making the most of this most excellent season and encourage you to do the same.  Go fall in love with fall all over again.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange