Fall In

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Despite the continuing heat wave, summer officially ends today. The fall colors are right on time though and developing minute to minute. 

Concentrating on the game is more difficult this time of year.

The inaugural New England Craft Beer Open was a great success. Turns out golfers like beer. Who knew? 

The warm temps have extended swimming season. Moretown Gorge-ing.

The overlap of seasons seems especially nice this year and we highly recommend spending as many hours outside as possible in the next few days. Whether it's a satisfying scenic lift and hike, a long enduro mountain bike ride from the top of Bravo to Waitsfield, a sweet spin or standup paddle at Blueberry Lake, sampling the harvest at the Farmers Market or chasing a golf ball around the course, it's going to be a great weekend.

Trail conditions are rocking. Check out the new Mad River Riders' drop on Revolution. 

Every bullwheel needs its lift shack. Village Quad is almost done! 

Misty mornings like these are another reason to love September in the Mad River Valley. 

On top of the quickly-developing foliage, we're in record setting temperature territory. Enjoy an encore presentation of summer before the pattern changes next week and we get ready to fall into fall.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange