Dog Daze

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The middle of summer in the Mad River Valley means long sweet days of fun and sunshine. From late July through the beginning of September, we typically have a nice dry stretch with near perfect temps. This period is often referred to as the dog days, due to the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, in the night sky. 

Shakedown in Moretown Gorge.

Even though it is named after them, dogs are not the only ones to enjoy this time. Between the idyllic weather, abundant foraging, super-fresh garden harvests, refreshing river dips, blazing bike rides, huge hikes and plentiful paddling, we do alright too.    

A great time to pick wildflowers. 

Summertime's easy living can lull us into a bit of daze, but it is a healthy one. We have plenty of challenging weather and conditions to keep us on our toes and all you need to do to clear the cobwebs is to roll out of the hammock or lounge chair and start moving. 

The wild berries are starting to ripen.

Blueberries are popping too. 

Feeling a little hot? Cool your heels in the river.

Jumping for joy at Lincoln Peak.

Thank you to everyone that visited during the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival last weekend! VT Adaptive led rides at Blueberry Lake and Camel's Hump State Forest.

Thirty-two people signed up for the enduro ride from the top of Bravo to Flatbread. 

All smiles at Blueberry Lake.

Insult and injury on the small bikes-big people-water balloon gauntlet race.

The MEllen proved to be a great venue again. Chilling after a long day of riding.

The dog daze may feel endless when we are in the middle of them, but be careful getting too soothed and missing summer adventures. Pretend you are a dog and each day needs to have 7 days of fun packed into each one. It's the only way to properly enjoy it. The weekend looks gorgeous, get out and play.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange