Divided Sky

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From deep winter cold and productive mountain squalls to sunny warm days and winds blowing high, we've been in an active weather pattern recently. Today's forecast is illustrative of this trend, starting bright and calm with temps in the 40s and ending with clouds, temps in the teens and snow. 

Morning corduroy shining in the sun. 

Upper elevations have been gathering natural snowfall and wind-transport in leeward areas. Our hard working Patrol has already foot-packed Spillsville and we may be able to open it soon, if we get a few more inches this week. Spillsville is often one of the first natural snow trails in the northeast to open, due to its relatively high elevation and sheltered grassy north-facing slope.

Look for a new Rumble video tomorrow featuring our resident US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Famer.  

The wild weather mood swings have allowed the eastern snowbird mating season to begin too. These birds have 3 mating calls and if you pay close attention in the liftline or at Castlerock Pub, you're likely to hear them. While we've shared their calls previously, it is always good to refresh your memory before trying to find one of these not-so-rare birds winging around New England.  

Patroller Leah taking care of Heaven's Gate. 

The 1st call is the most common and typically used as an initial greeting, "good for the base." The 2nd call is a bit more intimate and hopeful, "net gain." The 3rd call is the most desperate, "Imagine if this was all snow."

Getting there.

The eastern snowbird also displays complex vocalizations on deep snowy days, often producing a wide variety of hoots, hollers and woohoos. These are associated with feeding behaviors, as powder is a favorite form of sustenance.  

Mountain ash, one of the only splashes of color left from the fall. These are important sources of winter food for birds.

Snow reporter Emily checking the conditions on Stein's. 

Bush Pilot coach Matt Groom doing some early season training.  

Diamond Dog head coach Joey leading the way.

Diamond Dog Colby dropping fakie in the Sugarbush Parks Snowball set.

Coach Joe enjoying some turns yesterday.

Rolston Rd view with belted Galloways and a lower mountain snowmaking cloud. 

A couple of Sugarbush rock stars. 

Fashion first.

Demo days are coming up.

Alpen glow show.

The fun has begun and we're off to a great start. Top-to-bottom turns are perfect for getting warmed up and ready for a long winter season. Look to the sky, remember your bird calls and see you soon!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange 

p.s. Many thanks to Anastassio/Marshall/Daubert for today's Stoke title and inspiration.