Count Up

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While we saw the first flakes and a rime icing at the summits Monday into Tuesday, we are enjoying another stretch of warmer than average temps and blue skies this week. The post-peak pleasantries have kept the views brightly colorful though and outdoor adventures are still great fun. 

Counting up the days until the guns run again, only about 2 weeks! It is one month to our projected opening day too. Anyone getting excited?

First dusting.  

A lingering hot pocket. 

The Sunny Quad cable is spliced and the chairs are going on this week. 

Sugarbush is sponsoring the 2017 High Fives BASICS premier this Saturday at the Big Picture!  

Rail jam season is about to start. Check out Sugarbush Parks will be at UVM on October 30th and at at St. Michael's on November 7th. The Big Kicker at Lareau Farm-American Flatbread is November 18th.  

Color eyes.

Go ahead, sit for a bit. 

Only a few more chances for some rounds at the Sugarbush Golf Club.  

Still riding, hiking and building with the Mad River Riders

The weekend is going to feel more like late August than late October, with temps near 70 during the day. Fall color is blowing in the wind and winter is almost here. A distinct pattern change looks likely next week, better get on it now. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange