Conversion Conditions

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Wintery temps have dominated this week and conditions have allowed us to convert large quantities of water and air into snow as fast and far as we can. I've seen 25 seasons start at Sugarbush and it seems like snow production is happening more quickly than ever before, even when things are less than ideal. 

Fall into winter. 

Major investments in new efficient snowguns, lots of veteran staff and some arctic blasts have allowed us to start coating 15 trails already, including a new first way to get top-to-bottom at Lincoln Peak. Typically, we shoot for Jester to Downspout to Lower Jester to Coffee Run. We're currently on the Valley House side, working to link Jester to Valley House Traverse to Snowball to Spring Fling. Organgrinder and Downspout at Lincoln Peak, and Rim Run and Elbow at Mt. Ellen are getting attention too.

Making winter happen. 

Tomorrow has potential for record-setting cold. Summit lows are likely to tease the 0F mark with 30-45mph winds on Friday night. Temps will rebound, but stay generally cold, especially at night, through our scheduled opening day on November 18th. No promises yet, but things are looking good. 

The Big Kicker season kick off party with Mad River Glen at Lareau Farm is November 18th too! 

Sign of the season. The famous Waitsfield Ski and Skate Sale this weekend. Great gear, great cause.

Spring Fling under the guns this morning. 

Eyes on the prize. Cam keeping the mix just right.  

Allyn's Deck.

Getting some media attention with Jeb from the Times Argus. 

Enjoying a last bike ride down after taking pictures of the snowmaking. The traverse is covered in snow now.

Still building trails in the Valley. Big news for Chase Brook Town Forest! Stay tuned. 

Long view from Moretown Common, with wildlife.

Waveform at Blueberry Lake.

When the lifts start spinning next week, seasonal recreation overlaps should be good to go, with skiing and riding up high and biking and hiking down low. Remember that Deer Rifle Season starts Saturday and runs through November 26th. Headlamp-lit night time adventures are recommended during this period.

Get your gear and bodies ready. Winter is so close, we can taste it.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange