Color Full

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Although we are enjoying continued warm summery weather, autumn's culmination is here. Some have noted that the foliage seems muted this year, and there are certainly cool pockets, but even so, the colors are full in many places and there are plenty of sweet spots.   

Blueberry Lake is on fire. 

Spot light.

The extended late heat saved a lot of gardens and farms, allowing corn, tomatoes and other crops to fully ripen, after June's cool rains delayed sprouting and early growth. Good blossoming in May and a sunny finish has also meant that the apple crop is legendary this year. Be sure to sample some of the harvest.   

Squash and blooms. 

The colors of fall.

Things are cooling down slowly though. We got our first frosts this week and there was a little snow at the highest elevations in the Greens, Whites, ADK's and Chic Chocs mountains on last Saturday morning. Snowmaking is scheduled to start in just 26 days.  

3rd tee in paradise. 

Outdoor adventures are peaking now too, with prime biking, hiking, golf, paddling and other fun ready to rock. We've been trying to squeeze in at least one wander per day, conditions are just too good to let it pass by. 

Community Day is almost here. The holiday weekend is full of events, experiences and excitement! 

Oktoberfest silliness. 

Liftline look.

Foggy bottom. 

Rolling on RT 100.

Striding singletrack at Blueberry Lake. 

Touring the Techie trail. 

Sunny Quad progress update.

Padding the chairs. 

Come celebrate the best of fall and the end of summer activities at Sugarbush this holiday weekend. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange