Cold Springs

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We've been enjoying one of the longest wintery stretches many of us can remember. Looking back, since late October, I've worn long underwear almost every day. Perhaps I'm getting old, but this cold spring has kept me bundled up. That's all about to change.  

Warming up. 

You might have heard about the six inches that fell on the mountain this week, giving us one more fresh flake blast. This winter storm feels like the last one though, capping off seven months of snow in the Mad River Valley.    

While the fields and forests are just waking up due to the extended cold, seasons like this tend to switch fast when they finally do. I suspect it will feel and look a lot like summer next week when the temps hit 70.

Fresh furl.

Well, it will look like summer down low. The mountain snowpack remains remarkable, Stein's is still nearly wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor. There are a couple more weeks of multi-season/multi-sport adventures still to come.

Summer fun has already started at the golf course and a more slowly on Valley's trail networks. The golf course is in remarkably good condition for all the snow and rain, and a few trails are in great condition, while others are under water.

Getting there. 

The local trail volunteers and pro crews have been extremely busy this spring and because of their hard work, a bunch of Valley classics are opening today! Old Center Fayston/Gumball/Too Tight, Revolution, Cyclone, GS, Enchanted Forest and a few others are now open for hiking and biking. Tootsie Roll and Suki's at Blueberry Lake and Catamount, Techie and Maple Twist all opened last week. Trails like Evolution, Clinic and Chain Gang still have too much water, so please wait just a little longer. Check here for all the trail opening info.

The new Swell Hill trail is under construction right now. Please come help build it this Saturday. Many thanks to the Greshin family for their permission, support and help!  

Looking ahead a little more, BrewGrass tickets are selling fast. In our humble opinion, this is the best fest in the state. It's got a highly curated and manageable selection of the highest quality VT beverages, the music and food are awesome and the setting is beautiful. 


It's time to peel the winter layers finally and move into summer in earnest. Better be here. 

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange