Cold Comfort

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Here we are, in the middle of the holiday week, every trail is open, base depths are solid, the snow is great and the sun is out ... so what's the issue? Oh, it's a little cold. 

A nice spot to warm up and refuel.

I'm often confused by the dire warnings and negativity that start popping up when the temps dip during the winter. Do these folks not remember that winter is supposed to be cold and that cold weather means good snow? 

Great snow this morning on Snowball. 

Most of you know to add a layer or two, cover up your face, throw on some mittens and go get it. But still this silliness continues. 

The new Village Quad is very friendly, be sure to take a spin.

If you hear someone start to complain about cold temps during the winter, the best response is to loudly sing the eastern snowbird fighting call, "At least it isn't raining." 

Bush Pilot Coach Matt testing the air on Paradise. 

Did we mention that all of Mt. Ellen is open too? Bravo!

Sugarbush Parks has entered a brand new era with the Sunny Quad and a fresh snowcat.

Sun dogging this morning. This means moisture in the air, look for sneaky snow.

Coach Toni helping her group be better here.

Tumbler was spectacular last week. Look for a fresh Mountain Report tomorrow with lots of fun video. 

The temps have been so good this month that we're almost done snowmaking, putting us far ahead of every other year in terms of output. Being 100% open is also a rarity for the holidays. So instead of complaining or hiding inside, let's count our blessings and go make some sweet turns.

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange