Change Is

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Some like to say that change is good or bad, but the most important thing to know is that change happens regardless of our perceptions. Change is.

The big change this week is we're letting passholders get a sneak peek on the season tomorrow and Friday at 9AM is the official Opening Day for everyone. A nice run of record cold temps last week and continued cold have allowed to move up opening and make a ton of snow at both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen. 

Change of seasons. 

This morning at Lincoln Peak. Comfy under a blanket of snow and always ready to go. 

You may notice that the Stoke Exchange is a little early this week too, on Wednesday instead of Thursday. We're going to try it this way for the winter. You can expect the same inspiration, aspiration and perspiration as before, just a day earlier. We hope it doesn't make the work week seem longer. ;)

Another change ... look for a new snowstake at Lincoln Peak this winter. Stay tuned, the cam is being updated too!

Rime time at Lincoln Peak.  

Looking down on Allyn's today.

The Stoke Exchange started 11 years ago as the Seasonal Programs weekly newsletter and when April came, the parents and program participants still wanted to hear from us during the summer and fall. As it gained more subscribers, even people outside the programs wanted to see the photos and hear the mountain news, so it evolved into the year-round every Thursday multi-media message it is today, only on Wednesdays now. 

One of the original Stoke families, the Benningson's! 

Surf's up. A couple of our favorite lifties ready to drop in on the season. 

Sugarbush Parks is working hard on their first set of 2017-2018. Should be ready for Friday. 

A little early for the off-piste, but not too early to dream. Slide Brook Basin. 

Mt. Ellen earlier this week.

This is it, folks. The seasons have changed. No more waiting, the lifts are about to start for Winter 2017-18. We're excited to see everyone and share some runs. Better be here!

John Atkinson
Chairman, Sugarbush Stoke Exchange